Children's Dance Theatre is a unique dance experience for children, based on the philosophy the dance for children should be both disciplined and liberating, building self-esteem as well as developing an appreciation for dance as a participant and observer. At CDT, learning dance and loving dance go hand in hand. Through classes offered in a non-competitive, supportive atmosphere, children dance themselves. Costumes and props such as tutus, tiaras, scarves, tambourines, and ribbons enliven and enhance the dance experience. Children help create and participate in two "low stress" performances each year. The emphasis remains on learning, loving and enjoyment rather than anxiety-producing tryouts and exhausting rehearsals.  All children are fully involved regardless of body stature and ability. 

Children's Dance Theatre is a well-rounded studio that creates a love for dance and develops technique with discipline and care for all ages and abilities.  Located in Anchorage, Alaska.